In September 2015, the WCCD established a new  partnership with Hatch Limited. Hatch is an employee-owned, multidisciplinary professional services firm that delivers a comprehensive array of technical and strategic services, including consulting, information technology, engineering, process development, and project and construction management to the Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, and Metallurgical sectors. Hatch has served clients for over six decades and has project experience in more than 150 countries around the world. With over 10,000 people in over 65 offices, the firm has more than $35 billion in projects currently under management.


The Hatch-WCCD Partnership

As urbanization around the world drives new and established cities to find ways to achieve their social and economic goals more productively, understanding how cities can improve is key. The broader goal of the WCCD-Hatch partnership is to promote integrated and effective use of data to enhance urban planning and infrastructure investment decision-making to build more sustainable, resilient, competitive and liveable cities. Three initial priority work areas have been identified:

• Data analytics

• Optimization of infrastructure investment through data

• Growth of the global network of the WCCD certified cities


Smart Cities & Urban Solutions

“Smart” means integrating choices with designs we can conceptualize, operationalize, and deliver well. The smart city is one that achieves its objectives with good, fluent use of technology. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most advanced. But it has to be used well and cost-efficiently.
— Bob Pell - Managing Director, Urban Development Solutions

For more information, please see: Hatch - Smart Cities & Urban Solutions