Global Cities Registry™ for ISO 37120

The WCCD Global Cities Registry™ is the internationally recognized list of cities that are certified against ISO 37120 in accordance with the WCCD certification system.

The data for all cities listed has been independently verified and deemed to be in conformity with ISO 37120 according to the WCCD. All cities in the Global Cities Registry™ have provided third-party verified data to the WCCD Open Data Portal, allowing for city-to-city comparisons, cutting-edge visualizations and customized trend analysis.

Once certified, cities will be added to the WCCD Global Cities Registry™ for a period of one year. Cities must apply for certification and registration on an annual basis.

Identification Number City Country Reporting Year Certification Level
2014-A-0002 Amsterdam Netherlands 2014 Aspirational
2014-A-0004 Bogotá Colombia 2014 Aspirational
2014-A-0009 Haiphong Vietnam 2014 Aspirational
2014-A-0010 Helsinki Finland 2014 Aspirational
2014-A-0011 Johannesburg South Africa 2014 Aspirational
2014-A-0016 Minna Nigeria 2014 Aspirational
2014-A-0018 Shanghai China 2014 Aspirational
2014-G-0006 Buenos Aires Argentina 2014 Gold
2014-G-0014 Makkah Saudi Arabia 2014 Gold
2014-G-0015 Melbourne Australia 2014 Gold
2014-P-0001 Amman Jordan 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0003 Barcelona Spain 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0005 Boston United States of America 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0007 Dubai United Arab Emirates 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0008 Guadalajara Mexico 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0012 London United Kingdom 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0013 Makati Philippines 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0017 Rotterdam Netherlands 2014 Platinum
2014-P-0019 Toronto Canada 2014 Platinum
2015-P-0020 Los Angeles United States of America 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0021 Vaughan Canada 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0022 London United Kingdom 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0023 León Mexico 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0024 Valencia Spain 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0025 Buenos Aires Argentina 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0026 Makati Philippines 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0027 Melbourne Australia 2015 Platinum
2015-A-0028 Greater Melbourne Australia 2015 Aspirational
2015-P-0029 Dubai United Arab Emirates 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0030 Shawinigan Canada 2015 Platinum
2016-G-0033 Porto Portugal 2016 Gold
2015-P-0032 Taipei Taiwan 2015 Platinum
2015-G-0031 Amsterdam Netherlands 2015 Gold
2015-P-0034 Boston United States of America 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0035 Guadalajara Mexico 2015 Platinum
2016-P-0036 Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Canada 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0037 San Diego United States of America 2016 Platinum
2015-P-0038 Makkah Saudi Arabia 2015 Platinum
2015-P-0039 Toronto Canada 2015 Platinum
2016-P-0040 Surrey Canada 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0041 Koprivnica Croatia 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0042 Zagreb Croatia 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0043 Cambridge Canada 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0044 Eindhoven Netherlands 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0045 Heerlen Netherlands 2016 Platinum
2015-P-0046 Amman Jordan 2015 Platinum
2016-P-0047 Pune India 2016 Platinum
2016-G-0048 Jamshedpur India 2016 Gold
2016-G-0049 Surat India 2016 Gold
2016-P-0050 Boston United States of America 2016 Platinum
2016-G-0051 ArRiyadh Saudi Arabia 2016 Gold
2016-P-0052 Shawinigan Canada 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0053 Brisbane Australia 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0054 Oakville Canada 2016 Platinum
2016-G-0055 Amsterdam Netherlands 2016 Gold
2015-G-0056 Helsinki Finland 2015 Gold
2017-P-0057 Aalter Belgium 2017 Platinum
2017-A-0058 Gdynia Poland 2017 Aspirational
2017-P-0060 Sintra Portugal 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0061 Zwolle Netherlands 2017 Platinum
2016-A-0062 Tshwane South Africa 2016 Aspirational
2016-A-0063 Cape Town South Africa 2016 Aspirational
2017-P-0064 The Hague Netherlands 2017 Platinum
2016-A-0059 Johannesburg South Africa 2016 Aspirational
2016-P-0065 Taipei Taiwan 2016 Platinum
2017-P-0066 Taipei Taiwan 2017 Platinum
2016-P-0067 Doral United States of America 2016 Platinum
2017-P-0068 Tainan City Taiwan 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0070 Kielce Poland 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0072 Porto Portugal 2017 Platinum
2016-P-0073 Torreón Mexico 2016 Platinum
2017-P-0074 Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Canada 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0075 Oakville Canada 2017 Platinum
2017-A-0076 Ciudad Juárez Mexico 2017 Aspirational
2016-P-0077 Guadalajara Mexico 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0078 Vaughan Canada 2016 Platinum
2017-P-0079 Brisbane Australia 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0080 Boston United States of America 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0081 Portland United States of America 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0071 Tbilisi Georgia 2017 Platinum
2016-A-0082 Greater Melbourne Australia 2016 Aspirational
2016-P-0083 Melbourne Australia 2016 Platinum
2016-P-0084 Buenos Aires Argentina 2016 Platinum
2017-P-0085 Shawinigan Canada 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0086 Cambridge Canada 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0087 Ahmedabad India 2017 Platinum
2016-P-0088 Oslo Norway 2016 Platinum
2018-P-0089 Piedras Negras Mexico 2018 Platinum
2017-P-0090 Los Angeles United States of America 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0091 Vijayawada India 2017 Platinum
2017-P-0069 Québec City Canada 2017 Platinum
2018-P-0092 Welland Canada 2018 Platinum
2017-P-0093 Doral United States of America 2017 Platinum
2018-P-0094 Mississauga Canada 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0095 Taipei Taiwan 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0096 Aalter Belgium 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0097 Tainan City Taiwan 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0099 Brisbane Australia 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0100 Whitby Canada 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0101 Oakville Canada 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0102 Québec City Canada 2018 Platinum
2018-P-0103 Kópavogur Iceland 2018 Platinum
2017-A-0104 Greater Melbourne Australia 2017 Aspirational
2018-P-0105 Warsaw Poland 2018 Platinum
2018-G-0106 Annapolis Valley Region Canada 2018 Gold
2018-P-0107 Gdynia Poland 2018 Platinum
2017-G-0108 Pune India 2017 Gold
2017-S-0109 Jamshedpur India 2017 Silver
2019-P-0113 Guadalupe Mexico 2019 Platinum