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2017 Global Cities Summit

Cultural and Technical Visits


Through the kind support of our colleagues at the Executive Council of Dubai, an interesting cultural and technical program of visits has been arranged for all Global City Summit Delegates. 

For the Cultural Visit on March 7th, please indicate your interest in attending with a simple ATTENDING or NOT ATTENDING. 

For the Technical Visits, to be held between 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM on March 9th, please choose one of the three options listed below. 

Cultural Visit - Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 - 3:30 - 5:30 PM

The Union Museum

A dynamic 21st century museum, Etihad Museum is focused on inspiring its visitors with the story of the founding of the UAE. The 25,000 m2 landmark is befittingly located at the very place where the UAE was founded in 1971. Through a unique visitor journey, the various pavilions house experience-driven exhibitions, interactive programmes and education initiatives that explore the chronology of events that culminated in the unification of the Emirates in 1971, with a key emphasis on the period between 1968 and 1974.


Technical Visit - Thursday, March 9th, 2017 - 9:00 AM - 12 PM

One of three options


One of Dubai’s key objectives is to welcome 20 million overnight visitors to Dubai by 2020. Dubai has achieved 14.9 million in 2016.

The Social Media team at Dubai Tourism is tasked with using social media platforms to influence potential tourists in key source markets to visit Dubai; a cutting-edge Social Media Listening Room where 10 team members sit facing six screens of social data. These members handle core market languages: Arabic, English, German, French, Chinese and Russian. External team is handling 11 other languages.

The role of the team is to post content (150 posts a day reaching around 1 million people in 43 countries), respond to comments from fans (3,500 comments daily) and listen and react to what people are saying about Dubai globally (50,000 mentions in English alone per day). To do this the team uses a sophisticated social media tool that helps track the performance of posts, performance of team members and helps identify opportunities to influence travel decisions around the world.

2) Dubai Metro Control Room

Participants will take a ride on Dubai Metro, of which the red line is the longest driver-less metro line in the world.  The visit will end at the metro control room, where participants will get exposed to the cutting-edge technology and systems that comprise the metro nerve system.

3) Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is an artificial canal unveiled on 2 October 2013 and inaugurated on 9 November 2016.  It is a three kilometer long canal that links Dubai Creek to the Arabian Gulf, transforming the heart of Dubai into an island.  The width ranges from 80 meters to 120 meters. It is six meters deep and be crossed by eight-meter high bridges.  Participants will get on a boat trip that crosses the canal, and would listen to a presentation about the engineering and technology used in carving this great project.