CityNet is the largest association of urban stakeholders committed to sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region. Established in 1987 with the support of UNESCAP, UNDP and UN-Habitat, the Network of cities has grown to include 123 municipalities, NGOs, private companies and research centers.

CityNet connects actors, exchange knowledge and build commitment to more sustainable and resilient cities. Through capacity building, city-to-city cooperation and tangible projects, it help its members respond to climate change, disasters, the Millennium Development Goals and rising infrastructure demands. CityNet’s vision is to: 

• Nurture an enduring network of urban actors that together create sustainable and resilient cities 

• Forge the largest network of urban stakeholders across the Asia Pacific region 

• Observe and effectively respond to the changing urban landscape 

• Promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices 

• Combat global climate change and champion disaster resilience 

• Advance urban issues on the global sustainability agenda 

• Support livable, inclusive, and equitable cities

The WCCD and CityNet have established a partnership to develop and promote the use of standardized city performance indicators as a key platform for enabling cities in the Asian Pacific Region to become more sustainable, resilient, prosperous and inclusive. This partnership encourages CityNet members to implement ISO 37120 with a potential of developing training programs for cities in the Region interested in implementing this new international standard on city indicators.