Tata Trusts

The WCCD is partnering with the Tata Trusts to deliver the City Data for India Initiative.

Tata Trusts is amongst India's oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organizations that work in several areas of community development. Since its inception, Tata Trusts has played a pioneering role in transforming traditional ideas of philanthropy to make impactful sustainable change in the lives of the communities served. Realizing the value of data, Tata Trusts has actively taken up the agenda of striving towards ‘Data-Driven Governance’, to inform, impact and improve policy making, with a view to facilitate holistic development in India. 

The long term goal of the City Data for India Initiative is to contribute to improved infrastructure services, inclusive prosperity and quality of life for millions of Indian urban citizens. It will empower city leaders, decision-makers and citizens from  cities in India to make data-informed decisions to improve city planning, infrastructure investment and operational performance management using ISO standardized, comparable city data. 

The Initiative has been developed to make an important contribution, by building high calibre city-level data, to the successful implementation of the Government of India’s key urban policy missions – particularly the Smart Cities Mission. 

 Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata Trusts, addressing the CIty Data for India Roundtable in Mumbai, January 20th 2017.

Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata Trusts, addressing the CIty Data for India Roundtable in Mumbai, January 20th 2017.

Partner cities will be exemplars of the importance and value of internationally-standardized city data in India. WCCD ISO 37120 Certification requires rigorous third-party verification of a city’s data, enabling certified cities to join a prestigious and rapidly-growing global network of smart cities committed to data-driven decision-making, open government, and city-to-city learning.

The first major milestone of the Initiative was a national roundtable held in Mumbai in January 2017, opened by WCCD President & CEO Dr. Patricia McCarney and Chairman of Tata Trusts Mr. Ratan Tata. The event  celebrated the WCCD ISO 37120 certification of the first WCCD cities in India - Pune, Surat and Jamshedpur. The three cities will also be featured in a panel discussion on the City Data for India Initiative at the Global Cities Summit in Dubai, March 7-9 2017.